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Fielding his Favorite Ball

This weekend a neighbor gave Otto this ball, which truly is best ball in the world: just the right size, just squishy enough, bounces just right. It’s such a cool ball that Otto can play with it by himself in the yard, throwing it up in the air and catching it, then bouncing it with his nose and chasing it.

More cool pics of Otto below!

Got it

Guarding it

On The Lawn


Here’s what the living room looked like before we renovated last year…

Before Shot: Our Living Room at Loch Sheldrake Place

And here’s what it looks like now, after renovation:

After Pic - Our Living Room at Loch Sheldrake Place

I love the light. Definitely bringing back the rug. Do we need to put up pictures?

It was so good to see these when we arrived to open up the place this weekend. Hope and motivation, both.

Loch Sheldrake Place - Veranda and Front Garden

We love this place. It’s fresh and cool and quiet at night.¬† I love swimming in Loch Sheldrake Lake; the water is so soft, pure and clear. Phil loves cycling all over Sullivan County — some amazing hills. And Otto loves galloping around the yard without¬† wearing a leash.

But we want to make some more green renovations and maintenance to the place so in aid of helping finance the greater green, we’re offering to rent for the summer 2010 season (July 4 – Labor Day).