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Violets Covering Part of the Front Lawn

They are so beautiful we haven’t be able to bring ourselves to cut the lawn.

But we have to this weekend or we’ll be walking through knee-high grass.


Cherry Tree in Full Bloom in Sullivan County, NY

Spring is about three weeks behind NYC in the Catskills so this past weekend the trees were still leafing out and were at that beautifully delicate stage where you can still see the black branches of the trees through the baby leaves.

And paradoxically, it was up to 83 F outside, so we kayaked on the lake, squirted the pooch with the hose when he was being naughty and just generally goofed off. A great mini-vacation.

And chilled inside too, since it was about 70 F indoors, thanks to the huge pine trees that shade the house and the new ceiling fans.