Double Belly-Flop Hill


I love this ride.  You are looking at the start of a long downhill that takes you to the Neversink River, then up the side of the dam of the Neversink Reservoir, and to Grahamsville and beyond.  These roads can take you through and around the watersheds that feed the Catskill Reservoir system, land that is kept pristine for the sake of NYC’s drinking water and where the air is so pure that just breathing is a delight. 

If I want to go long, I can ride up and over mountains with dairy farms and beautiful views, or along trout streams, always keeping an eye out for flocks of turkeys and for the odd deer.  There’s no Grand Concourse or St. Nick’s here — just endless miles of country roads with terrain that will give back everything you put into it — and more.  You can challenge and push yourself without ever having to do a single hill “repeat” since there is a new hill around every corner.~~ Phil