It even covers brick by the stove!

Last year we began our first small  step in renovating green by painting the old paneling and brick veneer in the common areas of the east unit. They hadn’t been touched since they were installed in the last (luxe!) remodel, 50-60 years ago. (Think Betty Draper’s kitchen in “Mad Men”. You’ll see in the “before” pics below.)

We decided to only use paint with no VOCs and really scored when we used AFM Safecoat Transitional Primer from the Green Depot store in Brooklyn. Expensive, but so, so worth it. It securely and thoroughly covered all the old brick veneer in the kitchen and all the old paneling.

PLUS, no stinky, toxic VOCs!

We stuck with no VOCs for the top coat, but saved some money by going with FreshAire paint from Home Depot.

I think it turned out pretty well. See the before and after kitchen and living room pics and you’ll see what I mean.